"I believe in the potential of every human being from the present, past and future. I believe that we are all part of a divine plan, a sacred geometry that connects all beings. I believe in the intention of evolution of light and shadow, of pleasure and pain, every feeling, choice, event. Through love, conscious listening and acceptance, it is possible to release our blocks and limits to live in freedom. The reality outside changes when we change internally. The more we are awake to who we really are, the more we cultivate the love and balance between all of us and within us. To live in an empowered way is to shine from the inside out, to spread light wherever we go from our deepest truth, our essence. The world's healing begins from the inside of each one of us."

I am Brazilian, currently living between Brazil and Canada. I am an intuitive artist and healer. I am therapist and instructor of the ThetaHealing® technique. Since I was a child I connect with spirituality through art and music, and today I live my purpose by helping myself and others to find paths of evolution, healing and self-awareness through the union of all these practices.


Fascinated by the treasures buried in the unconscious mind, I started this healing journey in 2012, when I started to study and practice yoga and meditation while still living in a heavy routine that was full of limiting patterns. Since then, I have experienced many different paths, including western astrology, tarot readings, meditation and different energy healing techniques, such as Reiki healing, Feng Shui, Quantum Being and ThetaHealing®. In the ThetaHealing® technique, I have more than 12 trainings, including certifications as a practitioner and instructor.


More than that: I am human, humbly studying, observing, living and learning. :)

Today, I offer individual sessions, courses and workshops online and in person. I seek to share the knowledge of our creative and devine source: love!