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We are complex and deep beings. Healing and reaching for a better life is an act of great courage. So, celebrate your arrival here! It is an honor for me to share this experience with you.


A ThetaHealing® session can last 30 minutes or 60 minutes, online or in person. It starts with a conversation, in which we understand together the main theme to be worked on. Following that, in a deeper meditative state - still awake and conscious - you will be invited to dive into your unconscious world in search for answers to the questions that will be asked by the therapist. When we understand the bottom belief or origin of the initial situation, the energetic healing begins: we release limiting beliefs and patterns, reprogramming your system in an empowering way, raising your vibration.


What are the biggest challenges you are experiencing today? What would you like to transform in your current life? And what new reality would you like to create for you? Are you happy with your relationships? Your health? Your quality of life? All of this can be worked on in a ThetaHealing session.


Priscila, Brazil

Wow!! Wonderful!! I came out transformed!! I knew it was going to be good, but I didn't know it would be so amazing! Guys I will recommend ThetaHealing to everyone who wants to grow! Immense gratitude for the unique experience.

Simone, Brazil

Gio, one of the most amazing things I did this year was our Theta sessions. Thank you for helping me to find myself ... An intense and deep encounter with my soul, I still remember it with emotion. You have no idea of the good you did to me, it opened my eyes to beliefs and blocks that I had never thought of and how they make sense today. I feel much more empowered, light and confident ... and I would say that at times, in plenity! Eternal gratitude for this gift of yours.

Anonymous, Brazil

Hi Gio! All this time I was digesting what the session was. And I want to thank you! It was very strong and it was very good. I loved being able to feel it all and being able to have so much control over it all. Thank you very much. You were amazing ... Much more than a therapist, a friend. I really don't know how to thank you enough. I felt great with you and I'm feeling much lighter. Thank you! 

Emanuelle, Brazil

Beautiful dreams are simply "arising" in me, which I imagined already but did not allow myself to feel. Everything makes sense after this session !!!!! I'm in maximum happiness!​