•THETAHEALING® basic dna•

I invite you to take off your masks, your shields, your blocks, loosen your chains and dive deeply into yourself and then leave there transformed. I invite you to discover and rediscover yourself once again, free of judgments and expectations.

The DNA Basic course is a portal to a journey of healing and self-awareness through ThetaHealing®. With this technique you will learn to release traumas, feelings and patterns kept by limiting beliefs created by you or imposed by you by the external world. You will be capable to expand your consciousness and empower yourself of your true light, and will learn tecniques to find your own healing and the healing of other people. Upon completing this course you will be a certified ThetaHealing practitioner and will be able to aplly the technique on yourself and whoever you want.


  • Quantum physics and the ThetaHealing technique;

  • Meditation to reach the theta​ brainwave frequency;

  • Empowering your psychic senses and intuition;

  • Connection with the Divine in us, our creative power;

  • Intuitive reading and energetic reprogramming;

  • The four levels of you unconscious mind and how to reprogram them: core, genetic, historic and soul;

  • How to release, create and transform feelings;

  • How to access and release traumas and memories from this or past lives, from ancestors and from the collective consciousness; 

  • Connection and communication with guardian angels and spiritual guides; 

  • Soul connection: manifesting your soulmate; 

  • Conscious manifestation and future reading; 

  • Individual and group healings with ThetaHealing; 

  • The 7 planes of existence.

The course includes the practitioner's manual and ThetaHealing® book. 

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•thetahealing® advanced dna•

The Advanced DNA course is the second course of the ThetaHealing technique and offers a deeper understanding of this healing modality. It was designed to help students expand their skills as practitioners and build more confidence in their sessions by connecting with the Source and their intuition. In addition, in this course we learn to release strong feelings that limit us, such as rejection, anger, remorse, regret, resentment, guilt, shame, fears, revenge, jealousy, envy, sadness, bitterness, among others. The course is light and deep, allowing you to reframe patterns and co-create feelings and realities more in tune with your soul!


  • Deep reprogramming with +600 downloads;

  • The R's and how to release them: rejection, ressentment, regret;

  • Deeper understanding of the 7 Planes of Existence;

  • Deeper understanding and practice of belief work;

  • Releasing free floating memories;

  • Send love to the baby in the womb;

  • Healing broken soul and broken heart;

  • Communication with plants, ancestors and your highest self;

  • Reprogramming non-organic objects;

  • The heart song: an exercise of emotional release;

The course includes the advanced practitioner's manual and the advanced ThetaHealing® book. 

Prerequisites: Basic DNA

Learn more about the Advanced DNA here.