Hi! I'm Giovana! I'm a ThetaHealing® therapist and instructor. I'm here to help you release everything that is blocking you so that you can live in your highest potential, co-creating the life you want for yourself. Welcome! 

To me, life is like poetry. And it can be written and rewritten as many times as we want.


It is self-discovery through the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. It is recognizing that me, you, nature, the entire universe, are ONE, living in a cycle of being born and reborn, infinite times. We are here on individual and collective journeys to learn from our experiences, feelings, connections.


When we become self-responsible for our journey, we access a new state of consciousness and can live awake, weaving the nuances of life in tune with the divine.


In a society full of patterns and dualities, we learn from an early age to be, do and act in certain ways. Well, we are much more than that. We are our deepest dreams - not those stories that happen when we are sleeping - but the true desires of our souls, the ones that make us breath faster, our eyes sparkle, our bodies cover themselves with chills.


We are also our history, our choices, our feelings, we are the wisdom of our soul and our ancestors, we are each life already lived, we are the creative source of everything that exists, we are nature, light and shadow. We are all of that, the whole universe. All the pain that exists in the world and also all the joy and happiness. We are pure unconditional love. We are also in constant transformation, and our whole perception of ourselves can change instantly, infinite times.


Who are you?


Receive with this message an invitation from you to yourself. An invitation to say YES to yourself, and get rid of all your shells, masks, chains and shields. It is time to blossom, to be free, to live in happiness. To love. To become aware as an individual and as part of a collective to empower yourself, and then be able to write and rewrite the poetry of your life as you please.


Come closer, get a pillow, some tea, and feel free to sit wherever you want. The journey is just starting. :)