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An online immersion to realign home, body and spirit

•reframing the home•

May 23 and 24, 2020

The Energies Of The Space I Live In

You live in a physical space that is just yours for you to occupy and express yourself through it. Yes, I am talking about your house. Your room. And also your body. These spaces are yours to show and manifest WHO YOU ARE. Have you ever stopped to think about whether your physical space, your home, your body, are in fact aligned with your essence, with the way you want the world to see you? 

In this 2-day immersion we will explore the meaning of the word HOME and understand in what ways the physical space that we inhabit can actually reflect our emotional, psychological and spiritual state. We will learn the theory to balance the energies of the home, and we will put the teachings to practice by realigning our physical space through self-observation activities and energetic rituals.

Come learn how to cultivate and co-create the HOME that reflects who you really are!


You will learn:

  • Relationship between the house, the body and home 

  • What is “life-force” energy and what role does it play in our lives

  • Bagua: the energetic map of the home according to Feng Shui and traditional Chinese medicine as a tool for achieving self knowledge and balance 

  • Yin Yang: the feminine and masculine energies at play in the body, the home and the mind

  • 5 elements: how does nature move inside and outside ourselves and how to rebalance these forces, according to our personal dispositions  

  • The 9 areas of our lives and how to energetically balance each of them: relationships, family, prosperity, recognition and success, travels and studies, spirituality, creativity, health and life purpose


You will practice:

  • Self-reflection and writing activities to understand the body as an extension of the home 

  • Guided meditation to connect to our “neglected areas“ 

  • Breathing exercises to balance the body, mind and emotions  

  • Dancing the 5 elements: understanding how we relate to the nature in us 

  • Applying the energetic map on your personal space so you can learn which parts of your house are related to which parts of your life; understanding how to rebalance them

  • Activities to release blocked energies for each area of the house, life and body

  • Accessing intuition: practical exercises to awaken your inner wisdom

  • Rituals for cleansing, transforming and blessing the home, body and spirit


The immersion will happen online: the best place for you to work on your personal space is inside it! Let’s connect from the confort of our homes through video conference.  


Date: 23rd and 24th of May 2020 (Saturday and Sunday), from 09AM to 1PM PST

The classes will be recorded and you will have access to them after they happen for unlimited time so you can re-watch them however many times you’d like.


Suggested price: $62USD ($31USD per day)

(We do have scholarships available in case you are not in a position to contribute financially right now. All you have to do is fill out the sign up sheet and let us know you’re interested)



Giovana Vescovi is an artist, ThetaHealing® therapist and instructor, and a Reiki and Feng Shui certified practitioner. Intrigued by the mysteries of the psyche, Gio spent years studying and experiencing different energy healing techniques and also practicing the sacred wisdoms of tarot and western astrology. In her art, she uses her intuition to illustrate symbols and messages from our subconscious mind. Today, Gio offers individual energy healing sessions and trainings to help us remember our soul's path towads love and happiness. 

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Victoria Marino is a yoga teacher who studied and got certified in India and has been practicing for over 8 years. She works with the practices of the ancient Vedic culture to bring forth a connection with the body as a gateway for spiritual development. Victoria teaches yoga as not only Asana (postures), but also Pranayama (breathing exercises), Mantras, Mudras and Meditation. She is also a holistic therapist certified on the techniques of Thetahealing® (Basic DNA) and Magnified Healing®.